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Beware of Fake Gold

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All of this serves as a really clear tip that keeping wealth of any kind has its downsides, and while gold might be a more reputable type of wealth than any government-sanctioned fiat can ever be, it does feature its own economic repercussions that can lead to its own problems. Bullion Trading LLC gets its gold directly from the source, and so the most safe and more protected way to buy a gold bar is from a dealership who knows the company and the world of precious metals.

Picture that: a piece of tungsten so convincing as gold and valued the very same as if it were gold that, for all extensive purposes, it might as well be gold!

In the Gold Bullion market, one already infested with frauds, there is now a brand-new issue, which may be the worst case of fraud I have ever known in this market: a 1-kg gold bar that had actually already been accredited as 99.98% pure by X-ray fluorescent tests has turned out to be fake! To be able to deceive X-rays is quite an achievement. As it ended up, the gold in the bar had actually been drilled out and replaced with the chemical element tungsten. The only reason that the forgery was ever found at all was merely due to the fact that the counterfeit bar wound up weighing two grams lighter than it ought to have.

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