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.986 holds a ducat, or .1106 ounces, of gold in each coin that is 98.6% pure according to the coins. This coin is not very easy to get your hands on, and for many collectors it becomes a bit of a prize piece in their collection. Not only is this coin interesting for collectors, but for gold investors as well. The amount of gold in these coins is not huge, but it is more than enough to attract people who wish to store their wealth in the safety and easy transference of gold. The design of this coin is one of the things that has impressed most people. The obverse side shows Emperor Franz Joseph with a laurel crown along with a declaration naming him emperor around the perimeter of the coin. The reverse side features a heraldic coat of arms of the Austrian Empire and has inscriptions for each of the different provinces listed on the sides. Overall, this coin is beautiful, somewhat rare, and a great addition for anyone that wants to invest or collect gold coins.

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