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1 oz A Mark Silver Round .999 Fine


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One of the most popular choices for collectible silver rounds is a 1 oz A Mark Silver round with a cushion design. The 1 oz A mark silver round are the coins that have been recently minted and released for collection and investment opportunities. The 1 oz A-Mark Liberty silver round is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

The 1 oz A Mark Liberty silver coin is a nice addition to any collection because it offers a relatively low cost for an exquisite piece of jewelry. While the price is at or slightly above the current market value, you can be assured that your investment will retain its value. The A-Mark rounds are one of the most popular and sought-after coins in the world. The A-Mark Silver round has a high silver purity of up to 99.9% which makes it a favorite for those who enjoy collecting the coins.

Each one of these silver rounds has .999 pure silver in it and contains a troy ounce of silver in each coin. These A Mark silver rounds are very valuable for investors more so than collectors due to how plentiful they. You can stack several hundred dollars of wealth in a small area that can be protected until you feel the time is right to convert them to another currency. However, since they are not legal tender, they have not received a denomination on the coin. As a silver coin, it is predicted that it will continue to rise in price over the next quarter, with aggressive growth for next year predicted.

Design of 1 oz A Mark Silver Round

The obverse side of the 1 oz A Mark Silver Round features the depiction of the US Liberty Bell which is one of the most well-known American Icons. From its wooden yoke to its iconic crack that extends up to the bottom tip of the bell, the viewers are certain to appreciate the detailed rendering of the Liberty Bell in the silver round. The banner “LIFE LIBERTY HAPPINESS” is inscribed just above the Liberty Bell. The A-Mark Logo and the purity of the silver round can be found underneath the Liberty Bell on the obverse side of the 1 oz A Mark Silver Round.

The reverse side of the 1 oz A Mark .999 pure silver round features the depiction of America’s national symbol, The American Bald Eagle with a grasp of olive leave and arrows on its talons and is surrounded by thirteen stars representing each of the thirteen colonies. The weight and the purity of the silver round are inscribed at the top whereas the word “LIBERTY SILVER” is inscribed at the bottom of the A-Mark Silver Round.

Main Highlights of 1 oz A-Mark .999 Pure Silver Round

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver.
  • Manufactured by A-Mark Precious Metals.
  • Each of the silver rounds comes in a protective plastic film.
  • The obverse features the depiction of the US Liberty Bell.
  • The reverse features the depiction of the American Bald Eagle.

Product Specifications: 1 oz A-Mark Silver Round .999 Fine

Brand  A-Mark Precious Metals
Weight  1 troy oz
Purity .999
Thickness 2.81 mm
Diameter 38.22  mm
Made United States

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