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Silver Golf Tee – 1/2 Oz Set of 4 Elemetal Mint Silver




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Tee up your investment strategy and send your Silver Bullion holdings flying to new, unprecedented heights with this Set of Four ½ oz Silver Golf Tees from Elemetal, available now at BullionTradingllc. Each tee was struck with .999 fine silver at the Elemetal Mint and modeled after an actual golf tee, measuring 2 ¾ inches (70.73mm) tall. Your silver game – just like your golf game – can always get stronger. And whether you are an investor or a sports enthusiast, this set is an ideal investment that allows you to drive the value of your assortment higher. Additionally, these unique ½ oz silver tees are great gifts for the investor, collector, or golfer in your life. Each tee was manufactured at the Elemetal Mint, an IRA approved Private Mint that uses LBMA certified silver, and produces Gold, Silver, and Copper Bullion that my be included in a precious metals IRA. The Elemetal Mint is a collaborative venture between Ohio Precious Metals, Provident Metals, and NTR Metals. While these Silver Golf Tees are beautiful and durable, they are not intended for use while golfing. Use could cause serious and lasting damage or injury to your golf club, investment portfolio, and the poor individual struck once this Silver Tee becomes a projectile by being hit with your rapidly moving driver. All Four ½ oz Silver Tees are housed in a full-color, cardstock case that can be opened to view the tees that are secured inside. Each tee can be easily removed and replaced after handling.


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Looking for a new strategy for investment in silver? This product is perfect for you. Four ½ oz Silver Golf Tees from Elemetal Mint will diversify your silver bullion holdings. You can buy this Elemetal Silver product at Bullion Trading LLC’s store in NYC. 

Features of The Elemetal Mint Silver Golf Tee

Each silver is made up of .999 fine silver at the Elemetal Mint. Despite being modeled after an actual golf tee, this product was not meant for golfing. Using this could seriously damage your golf clubs as well as the golf tees. It could also damage the body of an individual when the tee flies off after being hit by a driver. 

The golf tee is ¾ inches (70.73mm) tall. That is a little taller than a standard golf tee.  Each tee in the set of four weighs ½ ounce. These tees were manufactured in the state of the art facilities of Elemetal Mint. Elemetal Mint uses LBMA certified silver in their silver tee golf and other silver products like silver rounds and silver bars. Other than silver bullion products, Elemetal is also known for producing Gold, Silver and Copper Bullion. Elemetal is an IRA approved brand. So, all of its products are IRA approved by this one.    

The Elemetal Mint is a collaborative venture between Ohio Precious Metals and NTR Metals. Both of them were very popular ventures in their own rights. So, we can expect the Elemetal Mint products to be trustworthy. This ½ oz golf tee is very durable.  

When you buy the golf tee, you will also get a cardstock case for storage that can be opened to view the tees that are inside. 

Why buy these Silver Golf Tees?

This silver product is great for investors. It will certainly make your silver collection more valuable. This ½ oz golf tee is very durable.  So, their value will only increase with time. 

This can also be a great addition to a collection of sports enthusiasts. This is a great gold collectible.  

You can also gift this to your close ones. A person interested in gold and precious metal collectibles will surely appreciate the gift. 

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