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1 oz Elemetal Silver Bar ( .999 Fine )




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Elemetal is one of the most well-known brands in the bullion market. Elemetal is a brand name given to the partnership between OPM (Ohio Precious Metals) and NTR (North Texas Refinery). Ohio Precious Metals has been one of the most reputable precious metals dealers in the US for a long time. It has a reputation for bringing some of the most valuable and best-looking bars and coins to people around the world. The 1 oz Elemetal silver bar is no exception to this concept and comes loaded with .999 purity. The 1 Oz silver bar by Elemetal is worth its price. The price of silver is expected to continuously grow. So, buying a 1-ounce elemetal silver bar now will provide great value in the future. The price in our store varies based on the quantity you buy and the payment method.

The 1 oz Elemetal Mint Silver Bar can be a great addition for investors looking to diversify their precious metal portfolio as the Silver bars are very easy to buy, store, sell and trade in the precious metal industry. As the Elemetal Mint is IRA certified(ISO 9001), each of the Elemental Silver Bars is assured of the highest production quality and metal purity making it eligible for the Precious Metal IRAs.

Design of Elemetal Mint 1 oz Silver Bar

The 1 oz Elemetal Silver Bar features the Elemetal Mint logo, Letters “E” and “M” joined into the infinity symbol, the symbol of eternity on the obverse. The bar’s weight and purity are inscribed just below the Elemetal logo along with the text “ELEMETAL.COM”.

The terms related to the element Silver are present in the back of the bar. The 1 oz Elemetal Silver Bars on the reverse feature the chemical symbol for silver “Ag”, silver’s atomic number “47”, the atomic weight of silver 107.8682, its electron configuration “[Kr] 4d10 5s1” and a diagram of silver’s atomic structure is shown. The Geometric pattern is inscribed on the upper right part of the bar. The design of this elemental silver bar can be labeled simple.

Main Highlights of 1 oz Elemetal Silver Bar

Contains 1 troy oz of .999+ fine silver.

Produced by the Elemetal Mint.

Each Silver bar comes with protective wrapping.

Easy to buy, sell and store

Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.

Inscribed with mint logo, weight, and fineness on the obverse.

Inscribed with silvers Atomic number, atomic mass, atomic symbol, and electron configuration on the reverse.

You can only expect the highest quality products from Bullion Trading. So, buying a product of a trusted brand like Elemetal from us is a risk-free purchase.

Product Specifications: Elemetal Mint 1 oz Silver Bar

Specification  Details
Brand  Elemetal Mint
Weight  1 troy oz
IRA Approved Yes
Purity .999+
Thickness 2 mm
Diameter 50.5*29.5 mm
Made United States

Why buy the Elemetal Mint 1 oz Silver Bar?

Reasonable choices for various categories of customers. 

Amazing condition. (Please note that our Elemetal Mint 1 oz Silver Bars are brand new.)

Convertible – it’s easy to be traded available. 

Created by a confided-in brand, the Elemetal Mint, in the valuable metals industry.

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Are 1 oz elemetal silver bars a good investment?

Yes, they are. Buying, storing and selling these bars is very very easy. Elemetal is also a very reputable brand with minimal controversy.

Will banks buy silver bars?

Banks will help you buy the silver bar and help you store them. But, they are not likely to buy a silver bar from an individual person. The silver you buy from banks is likely to have higher premiums.

How to take the delivery of this silver bar?

You can buy silver bars directly from our store. Or, you can purchase them online and we will deliver them to the location you want.

Is now a good time to sell silver bars?

If you don’t have better investment options or you desperately need money, you should not sell silver bars right now. That’s because your silver rounds will probably be worth more in the future.

Does silver go up in a recession?

Historically, silver prices drop during the start of a recession. But, their prices gradually grow as the recession continues.

Is it better to buy silver coins or bars?

Silver coins are better as collectibles. But, silver bars are better for investment.

What is the Size of 1 Oz Elemetal Silver Bar?

1 Oz Elemetal Silver Bar is 50.5 mm high, 29.5 mm wide and 2 mm thick.