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1 oz Chinese Gold Panda Coins

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One of the most gorgeous gold coins on the planet today is the Chinese Gold Panda. These extremely collectible gold coins are always in high demand among financiers and collectors due to the fact that each mintage provides something different. The panda design, with only one exception, has changed every year because the coin was first presented in 1982.

The flagship gold coin from China is the Panda 1 oz gold coin. As the name suggests, each one of these coins has a single troy ounce of gold within it. The coins are all made of the greatest purity gold, at.9999 %. This means that they are most beneficial in regards to investment chances. Because you can utilize gold for a significant amount of hedges in the world of company and as a physical protect for your wealth, big amounts of medium denomination coins, such as these, offer protection and potential.

Coin Highlights:

Arrives sealed in original mint plastic.

Available in 1 oz weight from 1982 to 2015!

Includes 1 Troy oz of.999 pure gold in different condition.

Face value of 500 (Yuan) is totally backed by the People’s Bank of China.

Obverse bears a new Panda style.

Reverse consists of the traditional Temple of Paradise image.

The obverse side of the coin features an innocent looking panda as it lounges on a tree branch while preparing to eat some bamboo. This is displayed in a good deal of information that will make any collector want to have at least one for their own uses. The reverse side of the coin features a relief of the Hall of Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Paradise from Beijing. This stunning side of the coin likewise reveals the year that the coin was minted and has a Chinese inscription explaining the places on the coin.

Chinese Gold Panda coins aren’t like all of the other gold bullion yearly releases. While some sovereign mints utilize the specific same design each year on both sides, the Chinese Mint utilizes only the exact same style concept on the obverse each year, with the reverse staying the exact same in each release year.

The Giant Panda types of bears, herbivores found throughout south-central highlands of China, always feature on the obverse. Nevertheless, the specific style set on this side of the coin is changed every year to concentrate on the panda species in a various light with each new release in the series. Only the 2001 and 2002 coins utilized the same design.

On the reverse of all 1 oz Chinese Gold Panda coins is the image of the Temple of Paradise. Located in south-central Beijing, the Temple of Paradise was built in the 15th century and is just one structure in a bigger complex of spiritual buildings and social gathering sites.

Why are Chinese Panda Gold Coins so Popular?

Hobbies are expected to be unwinding and fun. Gathering gold coins also offers everyone the chance to make an investment at the same time. For the Chinese Gold Panda, the design offers a specific fascination to collectors since the majority of people love pandas, which are an animal which differs from any other animal in the world today.

Why do we like pandas a lot? It’s because the panda advises each of us of ourselves in some way. Pandas sit up to consume, utilizing their hands to chew on bamboo in such a way that looks like humans resting on the flooring doing the same thing. Because these images are illustrated on many of the styles of the Chinese Gold Panda Coin, the love for these animals is then transferred over to the coin itself.

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