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2.5 Gram Gold Bar PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna (In Assay)

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PAMP Suisse is a prominent Swiss precious metal refinery, and this 2.5 gram bar is among the smallest in their gold bar program. PAMP Suisse is responsible for minting over half of the gold bars in the world weighing less than 50 grams.

Each bar is made up of 2.5 grams of.9999 pure gold bullion; it is likewise secured by Veriscan innovation using microscopic topographical scanning for the identification and registration of each item. Each card is also fitted with a tamper-evident seal to protect versus counterfeit items being replaced into the assay card. These gold bars also feature a stunning style and a terrific surface, making them an excellent alternative for gifting or diversifying your silver stack.

The design of these gold bars recognizes as Lady Fortuna is included on the obverse of this gold bar, which is a well-known feature of a lot of PAMP Suisse gold bars. She is seen with a blindfold in this image, while her hands extend to collect wealth streaming from the cornucopia that is set down on her head. The style of Lady Fortuna was the very first ornamental style to ever feature on a gold bullion item.

The most popular bullion product made by PAMP Suisse is certainly the Lady Fortuna gold series. Depicting the Roman Goddess of fortune, luck, and well-being, these bars are made from 99.99% pure gold. Lady Fortuna is engraved with a blindfold, representing life’s unpredictability, while holding her wealthy cornucopia, which she is generously showing others. Her image is believed to bring luck and success to its owner, making this bullion piece an excellent gift choice. This innovative ingot includes the latest Veriscan ® technology which attributes a microscopic surface topography through which the bar is registered in the PAMP Suisse database and can be authenticated through a special scan. This 2.5 gram Gold Bar PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna is an exceptional addition to your precious collection and an excellent method to diversify your financial investment portfolio.

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Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 2.5 grams (0.08038 oz) of.9999 fine Gold.
  • Multiples of 25 usually come in sealed boxes.
  • PAMP Suisse’s unique Veriscan ® technology uses the metal’s microscopic topography, comparable to a finger print, to identify any registered item, helping in the detection of counterfeits. Each bar is scanned upon production and, when scanned by the customer, is more confirmed by the Veriscan ® database.
  • Tamper-evident assay card makes it simple to inform if the bar has been questionably handled, while ensuring the Gold weight and purity.
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.

The proprietary Veriscan technology introduced by PAMP Suisse is implied to offer buyers with a sense of ease. With deceitful products drifting around, the Veriscan system permits a buyer to validate their 2.5 Gram Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse by just scanning its QR code. The microscopic topography of these gold bars made the ideal surface area for producing individual fingerprints for each bar. When produced by PAMP, each bar is scanned. You can later scan your own bar to validate its credibility.

On the obverse side of each PAMP Suisse Fortuna 2.5 Gram Gold Bar is a full-length representation of Fortuna. The Roman goddess of fortune, Fortuna likewise held a place in the Roman religion as a personification of luck. Comparable to the modern representations of Justice as blind, Fortuna is frequently depicted wearing a blindfold or veil. In the PAMP design, Fortuna is included with a blindfold over her eyes and a cornucopia atop her head. At the bottom of the style, her cupped hands record the bountiful riches streaming forth from her cornucopia.

The reverse side of the bar bears its recognizing attributes and corporate logo design. In addition to the PAMP Suisse name, there are engravings for the bars weight, metal content, and purity. At the bottom of each bar reverse side is its specific serial number, together with the assayers mark.

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