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Can silver rally without gold?

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The response is that over the past 80 years there hasnt been a single major silver rally in the lack of a gold rally. The very best rally in silver without a concurrent rally in gold was the 6-month price spike that began in Q3-1997. This rally arised from an attempt to manipulate the price up on the back of Warren Buffetts silver accumulation; it did not result from any of the essential motorists mentioned by analysts attempting to make the case that silver can rally strongly without gold.

The bottom line is that there does not seem a good factor to expect the silver price to move significantly higher independently of the gold rate.

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Here is a short article about how can silver rally without gold. If you desired to check out the initial material check out the link at the bottom of this post.

The historic record persuasively argues that large silver rallies do not happen in the lack of big gold rallies. This informs us that either economic/financial-system self-confidence drives the silver market in the very same way that it drives the gold market or that the huge trends in silver simply follow the big patterns in gold.

It isnt pertinent for the same reasons that the majority of the info presented by the professionals about gold basics is also not pertinent: It deals with the yearly output of the mining sector as if it were the total supply (yearly mine production is a little fraction of the total supply) and it puzzles circulations from one part of the market to another with modifications in overall need (every circulation involves a boost in demand on the part of the buyer and a precisely offsetting decrease in need on the part of the seller). It isnt relevant for another factor that can be lit up by asking the question: within the past 80 years, when was there a significant silver rally in the lack of a gold rally?

The post entitled “Silvers Critical Role In Electrification May Fuel Its Rise” consists of some fascinating comments about the silver market, however with one minor exception the details provided in this post has no bearing on silvers risk/reward as a speculation or financial investment. The minor exception is the high (by historic standards) gold/silver ratio, which recommends that the silver price is likely to increase relative to the gold price over the next couple of years. None of the info about silver principles presented in the post is pertinent to the silver cost.

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