Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bar




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Whether you’re an investor looking for a solid and fine silver investment, or you’re looking for quality Silver Bars to add to your collection, you will likely want to consider the Engelhard 100 oz silver bars. This Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bar will surely be able to meet your needs and your budget.

Due to the security and ease of moving small bars, larger bars made of precious metals have become rarer and rarer. A great example of one of the older styles of large precious metal bars is the Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bars.

These American-made 100 Oz Englehard Silver Bars are one of the most popular silver bars for collectors as well as investors. Formed in 1902, the Englehard Corporation quickly become popular around the globe for its innovative designs, state-of-the-art facilities, and industry-leading efforts to curtail precious metal counterfeiting.

This immense bar has two uses: savings and collections. Each one of these Engelhard 100 oz silver Bar has 100 troy ounces of silver in it and has .999 purity. These bars are worth over a thousand dollars each, which makes them good for serious investors. However, since they have been discontinued, they are rare and can only be bought in limited qualities. This has made them a very collectible bar in recent years.

Design of 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

 The 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar contains 100 oz of .999 Silver, making them ideal for investors. Despite the fact that it was only made between 1982 and 1987, the Engelhard 100 oz silver coin has remained a common investment option for investors across the world.

On the front side of the 100 oz Silver Bar Engelhard, you will see the weight and purity of the fine silver listed as well as the Engelhard Bars name inscribed on the metal. Each one of these bars has a specific serial number associated with it so that it can be identified.

The back of these slabs is left blank. The majority of the 100 oz silver bars that are available on the market will be in moderate shape and will show signs of contact with other bars throughout their lengthy production period.

Please note that the Engelhard Silver Bars 100 oz are no longer in production, the only ones available in the market are the circulated products and may show some form of wear and faded tones appropriate to their age.

Main Highlights of 100 oz Silver Bar Engelhard

  • Contains 100 oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Silver Bars can either be hand-poured or machine-cut by Englehard.
  • Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Features the Englehard stamp, purity, and weight on the obverse side of the bar.
  • Refined by Englehard Corporation
  • Ships in a protective cardboard box

Product Specification: Engelhard Silver Bars 100 oz

Specification  Details
Brand  Englehard Corporation
IRA Approved Yes
Weight  100 troy Oz
Purity .999F
Thickness 25mm
Dimensions 145*75mm
Made United States

Why Buying these Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bars?

With the flexibility and low premium, silver continues to become a popular choice for investors as well as collectors.
The 100 oz  .999 Silver Englehard Bars are no exception, backed by a solid reputation and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Additionally, these Englehard 100 Oz Silver Bars are no longer in production and are approved by the precious metal IRAs so you can be sure that you are making a secure choice that will benefit you in the future.

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Why are Engelhard silver bars worth more?

Engelhard Silver Bars are worth as each one of these Engelhard silver bars has 100 troy ounces of silver in it and has .999 purity and additionally, these Silver bars are not in production and approved by the precious metals IRAs.

When did Engelhard stop making silver bars?

The Engelhard stopped making metal bars in 1988 since the price of the precious metal ad fallen down and demand for bullion dried up.

Is Engelhard Silver good?

The Engelhard name evokes admiration, and these silver bars are thought to be of superior quality. They can be an excellent addition to any precious metals investment portfolio.

Where can I buy Engelhard silver bars?

There are countless Engelhard Silver Bars available to investors. You can buy the Engelhard Silver Bars from the Bullion Trading LLC which has been serving for decades in selling and buying the gold and silver bars at the actual price.

How can you tell a fake Engelhard Silver Bar?

The real bar has a rounded dot in ‘.999,’ whereas the fake has a square dot; the real bar has a rounded ‘G’ in ‘ENGELHARD,’ whereas the fake has a right-angle. The genuine bar has a low bar in the ‘A’ in ENGELHARD, but the fraudulent bar has a taller bar.

Are tarnished silver bars worth less?

Although tarnish has no effect on the metal content of a silver item, it can reduce its resale value. If the silver does not have its initial shine, dealers and other buyers will often pay a little less.