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1 Oz Platinum Bar (Random)


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10-99 $1063.48 $1084.85 $1106.23
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The 1 oz Platinum bars are an affordable way of investing in Platinum Bullion.

The platinum bar will increase the value over time and diversify your bullion retirement portfolio immediately. The Random 1 oz Bars contain 1 ounce of .9995 fine platinum. 

The provided platinum bar is readily tested and checked for purity, weight, and platinum content. 


The gold to platinum ratio indicates the price difference between gold and platinum. The ratio gives the relation of gold and platinum in terms of prices. 

Many investors use the gold to platinum ratio to time their platinum purchases. Many investors state that platinum is still undervalued compared to gold according to the gold to platinum ratio. 

But even though it is undervalued than gold, platinum still is traded at a higher price than gold because it is rarer than gold and has increased investment potential. 

Why buy Platinum?

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on the planet and is considered a valuable precious metal. Platinum has various uses, including catalytic converters, equipment, dentistry, automotive, electronics, and jewelry. 

Considering how rare platinum is, all these included contribute to its investment potential today. 

Bullion Trading LLC provides its customers with platinum bullion products in various weights and sizes. 

Platinum Bullion Bars come in Various Sizes

The featured bars are from the respective refineries such as Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, and Valcambi. They are approved by Precious Metals IRA

These bars are chosen randomly and tested to be authentic with the highest purity and accurate platinum content. 

These bars are perfect for individuals looking to invest in platinum with low premiums over the spot price. 

Valcambi Platinum Bar: 

Valcambi platinum bars are one of the investors’ first choices when buying 1 oz platinum bars. The Valcambi platinum bars contain .999 platinum with high purity. 

Valcambi Suisse, a precious metals refiner, is highly desired because of its top-quality platinum products and refining capabilities, making them eligible for the Precious Metals IRA.

Bullion Trading LLC provides Valcambi Platinum Bars with the best prices anywhere.

Engelhard Platinum Bar: 

Engelhard, a precious metals refinery, has stopped its bullion production. Any bullion from Engelhard is considered a rare addition to any investment portfolio. 

Bullion Trading LLC offers 1 oz platinum bars randomly. Get the chance to buy the Engelhard Platinum Bars Today. 

Credit Suisse Platinum Bar: 

Credit Suisse platinum bars are the most popular platinum bars for their affordability compared to their direct competition. 

The 1 oz Credit Platinum Bars are available in Bullion Trading LLC randomly.

PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar: 

PAMP Suisse Platinum Bars are well-known worldwide for their recognizable and renowned design. The PAMP Platinum Bars are very popular with investors for their high liquidity and recognition. 

The PAMP Suisse platinum bars are the safest choice when buying platinum because they are inscribed with unique serial numbers and purity, weight, and platinum content.

Design of 1 Oz Platinum Bar – Random Bars:

The Obverse of the 1 oz platinum bar varies according to the manufacturer. 

The reverse, however, has a common trait to feature the purity, metal content, and weight of the platinum bar. 

The platinum bars all have unique and one-of-a-kind designs. 

Main Highlights of 1 Oz Platinum bar – Random bars:

  • It contains 1 troy ounce of .9995 fine platinum.
  • Individual bars come in protective plastic flips. 
  • The Obverse varies by the mint. 
  • Likewise, the reverse of the platinum bar varies according to the mint. Purity and metal content are inscribed on the bars. 
  • Many mints around the world offer them. 
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRA.
  • Fully Insured.

Product Specifications: 1 Oz Platinum Bar – Random Bars

Specifications Details
Mint Varies
Purity .9995
Dimensions Varies
Condition New
Packaging  Plastic Protected
Weight 1 Ounce
Design  Varies


Bullion Trading LLC offers 1 oz platinum bar – random bars at the most affordable prices. Both investment seekers and collectors prefer these gold bars due to their pure gold composition and attractive design.

If you have any questions about the bar offered, please do not hesitate to ask Bullion Trading LLC customer service to call us at (212) 997-2520. We will be happy to assist you. Bullion Trading LLC can sell platinum products during regular business days and hours (Mon-Thu, 8:30 AM to 4 PM EST, Fri 8:30 – 1 PM ET).

All orders are processed by Bullion Trading LLC, which guarantees that all transactions are secure and safe with us.

We also offer excellent customer service before, during, and after your order has been placed so that we may guarantee an easy transaction for our customers.

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How much is a 1 oz bar of platinum?

The price of 1 oz bar of platinum is the spot price of platinum with a bit of ‘premium’ added. 

How can you tell if a platinum bar is real?

Trusted refineries like PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Valcambi Platinum come with unique serial numbers, purity, metal content, and weight of the metal, making them identified as authentic.

How big is a 1 oz platinum bar?

The dimension of a 1 oz platinum bar is 24 mm x 41 mm x 1.52 mm.

What is PAMP platinum?

PAMP platinum are the 1-ounce platinum bar minted by PAMP Suisse that come with purity, metal content, and weight of the platinum bar inscribed.