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100 gram Platinum Bar - Valcambi (In Assay)


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Platinum is rarer than gold and silver. Though it looks like silver at a glance, it is quite beautiful, rarer, and more expensive than silver. 

The 100 gram Platinum Bar from Valcambi refiner is of exceptional quality and is a great way of diversifying your portfolio and enhancing your precious metals collection. 

Valcambi Suisse is a leader in precious metal refining, located at Balerna in South East Switzerland. Throughout its 60 years of opening, Valcambi Suisse has focused on providing top-quality precious metal refining for its clients and customers with excellent service. 


Even though PAMP Suisse platinum bars or Credit Suisse platinum bars are the investor’s first choice. However, Valcambi platinum bars are one of the top-quality platinum bullion bars worldwide. With a high purity of .9995, the Valcambi Suisse platinum bullion products come in different varieties. All Valcambi products are of the best standards with IRA eligibility. 


The main highlights of the 100 gram Platinum Bar Valcambi in Assay is:

  • It contains 100 grams ( 3.215 troy oz ) of .9995 fine platinum. 
  • Individual bars come sealed in a protective assay and the assay contains weight and authentication of the bar which verifies the bar. 
  • The obverse features the single stamped Valcambi logo along with weight and its purity.
  • The reverse features “Valcambi Suisse” 
  • Each of the bars comes with a unique serial number for bar verification; fully insured with package insured. 
  • Manufactured by Valcambi Mint.

These 100-gram Valcambi Platinum Bars are the perfect choice for investors and collectors that are looking to diversify their portfolio and add value to their collection. 

Get your very own 100 gram Platinum bar from Valcambi at Bullion Trading LLC today!


100 gram Platinum Valcambi Bar for sale from Bullion Trading LLC

Platinum Bars are struck by a lot of mints and refineries. Valcambi Suisse Platinum Bars are reputed and recognized all around the world. 

The 100 gram Platinum Valcambi Bar is the perfect bar for diversifying your investment portfolio. 

Buy 100 gram Platinum Valcambi Bar from Bullion Trading LLC. 

If you have any questions regarding 100 gram Platinum Bar – Valcambi, please contact us at (212-997-2520) and we will be happy to assist you. Bullion Trading LLC is able to sell Platinum Valcambi Bar during normal business hours (Mon-Thu, 8:30 AM to 4 PM EST, Fri 8:30 – 1 PM ET).

Alternatively, Bullion Trading LLC provides the option to buy platinum bullion online. 

All orders are processed by Bullion Trading LLC, which guarantees that all transactions are secure and safe with us.

We also offer excellent customer service before, during, and after your order has been placed so that we may guarantee an easy transaction for our customers.

100 gram Platinum Valcambi Bar Highlights:

Specifications Details
Refinery Valcambi
Purity .9995
Dimensions 27.00 x 47.00 x 4.00 mm
Condition New
Weight 100 grams
Design Valcambi Suisse Design
Packaging Protective Plastic

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How much does 100 grams of platinum cost?

A 100 grams of platinum costs around $3600+ depending on the current platinum spot price. 100 grams of platinum bars cost more than the premium added by the precious metals dealer.

Are platinum bars a good investment?

According to World Platinum Investment Council, platinum is greatly undervalued compared to gold and silver. It helps diversify your investment portfolio.

Is it better to buy gold or platinum?

While gold seems like a viable investment option, platinum sits at the top of precious metals with its supply and demand ratio and its high rarity. It is a fact that platinum is highly undervalued in comparison to gold.