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Russia 15 Ruble (Nicholas II) Gold



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A member of the famous Romanov Dynasty and Tsar of Russia until his abdication in 1917, Nicholas II is most well known for being the last emperor of Russia.  During his twenty three year reign, Russia went from being one of the super powers of the world to military and economic collapse.  The following year after his abdication, Nicholas and his family were tragically murdered by the Bolsheviks who later became known as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  The death of the Romonavs marked the end of imperial rule and the beginning of communism in Russia.

The 15 ruble coin was minted between the dates of 1898-1911, a period of much happier times for the Romonav family.  The obverse depicts the profile of Nicholas II himself while the reverse features the device of the imperial coat of arms and seal of ‘His Tsarist Majesty’–a two headed eagle with three crowns to represent Astrakhan, Kazan, and Russia.  Over the breast of the eagle is a shield illustrating a horseman slaying a dragon.


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