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10 Gram Pamp Suisse Ka Bah Mecca Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

Contains 10 Grams (.3215 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.

The obverse face includes a depiction of Ka Bah Mecca.

On the reverse is the PAMP Suisse logo with identifying markers.


Pamp Suisse is one of the global leaders in bullion production and distribution. PAMP is the world’s leading bullion brand trusted by millions of investors and collectors around the world. PAMP Suisse was founded in 1977 with HQ in Castel San Pietro in Switzerland. Since then, it has been the number one choice for collectors and investors around the globe in Precious Metals. With multiple products loved in the precious metal industry, 10-gram mecca gold bars are no exception. 10-gram mecca gold bars are available in Bullion Trading LLC.

These 10-gram PAMP Suisse Ka Bah Mecca Gold Bars are a piece of history and a good investment for the portfolio. This gold bar also makes a great gift who likes fine art and design and are interested in the Hajj pilgrimage. Each bar contains 10 grams of .9999 fine gold and is stamped with a unique serial number. The high-quality stamping in each bar ensures that each gold bar will maintain its purity and weight for many years.

Design of Pamp Suisse – 10 gram Gold Ka Bah Mecca Bar 

The obverse side of the 10 gram PAMP Suisse Ka Bah Mecca Gold Bar depicts the Ka Bah. Ka Bah is a cuboid building located at the heart of the most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, located within Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Towers for the minarets at Masjid al-Haram can be seen along with the rays of sun on Ka Bah’s background.

The reverse side of the 10 gram PAMP Suisse Ka Bah Mecca Gold Bar features the identifying features. First, the Pamp Suisse symbol is displayed on the bar’s top that features all four initials PAMP in a tiny circle with Suisse underneath. In the lower part below the PAMP Suisse emblem, the bar’s weight and quality are written. Finally, in the lower part of the 10 gram Ka Bah Mecca Gold Bar, the assayer’s stamp and the unique serial number of each bar are written. Serial numbers engraved on gold bars are composed of one-letter codes with six digits.

Product Highlights of Pamp Suisse – 10 gram Gold Ka Bah Mecca Bar

  • 10 grams of .9999 pure fine gold. 
  • Comes in an assay card with a certified assayer-approved bar. 
  • An assay card is a unique serial number that matches the number in the bar. 
  • The obverse contains an inscription of the Ka’bahsmall shrine from Ka’bah, Mecca.
  • The reverse includes the PAMP Suisse logo, metal content, and purity. 
  • Gold bar from the iconic religious symbol series, in this case, the religion of Islam.

Product Specifications: 10 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Ka Bah Mecca Bar

Specification  Details
Brand  PAMP Suisse
Weight  10 gram (.3215 Troy oz)
Purity .9999
Thickness 1.25 mm
Dimension 26.5 x 15.8 mm
Made Switzerland

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